tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

Physical to Virtual linux

I had an Ubuntu linux server that I wanted to virtualize to an ESXi 4.1.
For some reason, the free p2v tool from vmware didn't work, so I decided to try something else.
I installed a virtual host on the target ESXi with a small disk and installed the minimal necessary to get an sshd up and running and then added an extra hard disk the size of the source host.
I created a user, temproot, on the destination host and changed the uid to 0, using vipw so the user had full root access.
I then booted up the source host on a live cd, and did the following on the source host:
dd if=/dev/sda bs=1m | ssh temproot@dst_host "dd of=/dev/sda"
After an hour or so for my 20GB disk, I powered off the source host and removed the small disk from the destination virtual host.
After booting up the destination host, I changed the automatically detected virtual network adapter so it would become eth0, and removed the old network adapter. This is controlled in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules. If you open up the file in vi or nano, it should be pretty clear what you need to do.

After this change, I booted the virtual destination host again, and now everything is running virtual.

lørdag den 22. september 2012

Cisco Live 2013 London

I am going to Cisco Live in London in January 2013.
In my current position I am the whole network department, so daily interactions with other network people is mostly done via social media and the occasional phone call with former colleagues or some vendors trying to push their gear.
Therefore I am very happy that I was able to have a yearly visit to Cisco Live added to my contract, when I got the job. Going to Cisco Live means I get to hear about all the stuff I don't touch daily, and I always get inspiration to do gradual improvements to my existing setup, even though there may not always be money to replace equipment.
Some of the goals I have achieved in the past, going to to Cisco Live is:

  • Learn to trouble shoot in depth the specific routers and switches in my network
  • Gain insight in potential improvements in convergence time
  • Prepare for IPv6 on an international network (We have locations in six countries, with different providers in each country. In some countries we use more than one provider)
  • Help define which improvements and upgrades will have the greatest benefit.
This year I am going to expand on some design issues I have, but I also want to learn more about SDN, and probably NXOS, neither of which I have any practical experience with.
I would also love to talk to other people with their experience with GNS3, IOU, and other comparable tools, as I don't have much lab equipment, and I am pursuing a CCNP, just to help me keep motivated on learning stuff that I don't touch on a daily basis.

The last time I was at Cisco Live, I was mostly lurking on twitter, and met once with some of the more active tweeps.
This time I am going to be more active before and during the event, in the hope that someone may spot a common interest, and if someone arranges one or more tweetups, I'll probably join.
For starters, I've created a twitter list, https://twitter.com/svindlerdk/cleur2013, where I am going to add attendants and sponsors for the event.@zptoth have created a brillant webpage with an interactive map of the list members. The list is open for anyone who wants to be added.
The list will be announced on twitter with the hashtag #CLEUR, once in a while, to hopefully gain interest, and to keep people updated on what's going on with the list.
I am also available for talk on Facebook and on Linkedin.
I also occasionally log in to Cisco Live 365 but have yet to gain social contact that way. I have used it to download a few presentations.
Please comment or contact me as @svindlerdk on twitter, or any other way you want, in case you have questions or recommendations.

fredag den 20. april 2012

My Cisco Live Schedule 2012

My schedule as it looks right now is based partly on personal preferences and partly on specific upcoming tasks at work.

onsdag den 18. april 2012

Derfor skal min datter ikke have en Dell computer

Christiane Vejlø fra gadget magasinet Elektronista var til Dell konference. Konferencier på konferencen var blærerøven aka Mads Christensen.
Det kom der følgende artikel ud af: "DRESS CODE: BLÅT SLIPS OG MAND!"

Normalt har jeg ikke noget imod Mads Christensen, når han agerer pauseklovn i diverse underholdningsprogrammer, hvor der så typisk vil være en modspiller, der kan udstille hans tåbeligheder. I dette tilfælde får han dog lov til at styre konferencen uimodsagt med hans sædvanlige vås om kvinder tilbage til kødgryderne og at kvinderne skal holde sig fra IT, for det har de ikke forstand på.

Jeg har selv en datter på 11, snart 12 år, og tænker meget over de muligheder og begrænsninger, der ligger foran hende. Det er næsten ikke til at holde ud at vide, at der stadig ligger den slags forhindringer foran hende, og når Dell via deres twitter-profil ikke kan mande (høhø) sig op til mere end et forkølet "jamen, vi er skam glade for kvinder hos Dell og mente ikke rigtigt noget med det", så er det ihvertfald ikke Dell, der kommer til at levere den computer, som hun snart skal have til skolebrug.